Happy Bakeshop Cupcake Menu

PLEASE NOTE – build your order by choosing from the EVERYDAY flavors, and the flavors listed according to the DAY of your order.

Everyday Flavors Include All of the Classics!
these flavors are available in the shop every single day.

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 Daily Seasonal Flavors 

 $2 Tuesday: Cookies & Cream | Caramel Macchiato | Nutella French Toast

GLUTEN FREE: Mexican Chocolate | VEGAN: Vanilla | GLUTEN FREE / VEGAN: Raspberry Passion Fruit

 Wednesday:  Maple Bacon | Coffee & Donuts | Neapolitan 

GLUTEN FREE: Chocolate | VEGAN: Carrot Cake | GLUTEN FREE/VEGAN:  Vanilla

 Thursday:  Boston Cream Pie | Peanut Butter Cup | Café Mocha

GLUTEN FREE: Raspberry Passion Fruit | VEGAN: Snickerdoodle | GLUTEN FREE / VEGAN: Chocolate

 Friday: Cherry Cola | German Chocolate | Banana Nutella | Raspberry S'mores

GLUTEN FREE: Black & White | VEGAN: Chocolate | GLUTEN FREE / VEGAN: Snickerdoodle

 Saturday: Dirt Cake | Raspberry Passion Fruit | Caramel Caliente | Jack & Coke | Turtle 

GLUTEN FREE: Vanilla on Vanilla | VEGAN: Mexican Chocolate | GLUTEN FREE / VEGAN: Black & White