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Happily Busy and Busily Happy

You may have noticed that we often have to issue a hard stop on the number of cake orders we can take. We really do hate to say no, but at times, we just get busy. And most of all, we want to make sure every cake, cupcake, cookie and treat is our very best work. We hope you can understand.

Then we got to thinking about how that might sound. “We’re so busy.” Eyeroll, right? We hear it all the time from everyone “I’m so busy.” Well, we are busy, but we’re also happy. Does anyone ever follow up “I’m so busy” with “I’m so happy?” Are we the first? We’re here to tell you that we are busy but more than that, we’re HAPPY. We want to talk about that…how happily busy and busily happy we really are.

Think about that. We are so happy making cakes and being invited to parties that we just can’t take anymore. No joke, we are THRILLED to get to be a part of so many parties and celebrate, like, non-stop. We get to see kids’ birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and much more. So, what does all that happiness look like? Here is a snapshot into a busy weekend for the happiest bakery in Denver. We want to share all this happy with you!

On Friday, we packed up some goodies, including the love birds wedding cake and headed off to dazzle some guests at a wedding showcase. We also had the joy of making a cake for a grandmother’s birthday – check out the lilacs on that cake, a few more wedding cakes, a birthday cakes – we like this one for a lucky little one-year old and a baby shower cake. And that is just some of the highlights.

Saturday saw about a dozen cakes leave the shop, not to mention cupcakes, fall-themed cut sugar cookies, macarons, mutt cakes and a bunch of other happiness. Peek at a few of our favorites – birthday cakes, wedding cakes and some just-because cakes. Happy yet?

On Sunday, we rested. But, we still had to get ready for a big week – lots of happy to make, new flavors coming out and a 6-day stretch of happy hour. So much happy for such a little shop. We’re bursting at the seams with happy over here.

Honestly, we’re so happy. We are happy to make cakes and confections for people’s celebrations. We are happy to be the one you call when you must have a dozen cupcakes for a work thing. And we are always happy to see you when you stop by and pick up a treat. So, the next time someone says “I’m so busy” just think of us…busy and happy.

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