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Happy August

Whoosh, August is already here! Before this Summer slips away, we’ve got a few more tricks in our apron pockets. This Summer has been filled with so much ‘happy’ from the Summer Flavor Battle to graduation and wedding cakes, and we still have so much more!

You’ve likely heard of "birthday week" when you celebrate your birthday all week. Since August 1 is Colorado's birthday month, we think we should all get to celebrate “birthday month.” We give you permission to treat yourself all month long. BTW, Happy 147th Colorado, you don’t look at day over 120!

So, we recommend you take all of August to relax and treat yourself.

Keep your Treats Out of the Heat

This time of year, we want to remind everyone to keep your sweets, treats, cakes, cupcakes, cookies and bars out of hot spaces like your car. Sun and heat take a short time to ruin a gorgeous cake or melt your yummables, so be careful. And once you get your treats home, check the box for our care instructions, but they go something like this:


Cupcakes, Bars, Cookies: wrap in plastic & store at room temperature.

Cakes: store in the fridge, no need to wrap.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

August 4 is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day. And, while we didn’t invent this holiday, we are working on perfecting it. You can enjoy our famous Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookies just about anytime, but on August 4, we want you to share the sweet with everyone. So, when you stop in for a chocolate chip cookie fix, we’ll give you a FREE COOKIE when you buy FIVE. That way, you’ll have a half-dozen to treat your co-workers, neighbors, friends, and family or enjoy yourself (we don't judge).

The Fall Flavor Battle Approaches

Start training your taste buds because the Fall Flavor Battle starts on Tuesday, August 8 and runs through August 20. Please mark your calendar because we need your help to sample and vote for your favorites. Your votes could determine the next seasonal fall cupcake menu.

Scroll down for the battle flavors and descriptions – its going to be a TASTY week!

Every Parent’s Favorite Phrase: Back to School

August is also that glorious time of year when “back to school” re-enters our vocabulary. Denver Public Schools will start again on August 21, so now is the time to kick start your year with “teachers-pet” treats or be the hero at your neighborhood mom and dad celebration. We’ll have some back-to-school cookies in the bakery from August 15-20, or you can always make a special order to suit your needs.

Breckenridge Wine Classic

We had such a blast last year that we're returning to Breck with some sweets. If you're attending the Breckenridge Wine Classic (August 24-26), be sure you stop by, say hi and treat yourself. The bakery will also be open during regular hours, so don't worry about missing us.

Banana Split Day

The rest of the world has chosen Friday, August 25, as Banana Split Day. But it's a better Saturday treat. If you’ve got a hankering for a Banana Split, consider the legendary Banana Split cupcake, available as part of the Summer Menu on Saturdays. But hurry, new fall flavors will start in September, so there is a limited time to get your banana split fix.

Coming up in September:

- September is Sammy’s Superheroes Sprinkle Cupcakes month. Grab your sprinkle cupcakes, and we'll make a donation to Sammy’s Superheroes!

- New Flavors picked by the Fall Flavor Battle will debut on Tuesday, September 5.

- And, as of August 1:

o 91 days to Halloween

o 114 days to Thanksgiving

o 122 days to Holiday Menu

o 146 days to Christmas

Flavor Battle Matchups:

Tuesday: August 8 and 15

Pumpkin Spice Latte - Our classic pumpkin cupcake topped with coffee buttercream and sprinkled with

pumpkin spice


Caramel Pumpkin - moist pumpkin cupcake filled with our made in house salted caramel and topped with caramel buttercream

Wednesday: August 9 and 16

Cranberry Orange - A cranberry orange cupcake topped with cream cheese buttercream and drizzled with

a zesty cranberry orange sauce


Banana Bread - banana cupcake baked with streusel on top and topped with cream cheese buttercream and more streusel

Thursday: August 10 and 17

Caramel Chai - spiced chai cupcake filled with made in house salted caramel, topped with vanilla buttercream and drizzled with more salted caramel and dusted with chai spice


Spiced Cider - warm spiced cupcake topped with a spiced cider buttercream and drizzled with a sweet glaze

Friday: August 11 and 18

Bourbon Pumpkin Pie - moist pumpkin cupcake baked with streusel and topped with delicious bourbon buttercream


Caramel French Vanilla - vanilla cupcake topped with hazelnut buttercream, filled and drizzled with made in house salted caramel

Saturday August 12 and 19

Caramel Apple - chunky apple cupcake swirled with our salted caramel, topped with apple buttercream and drizzled with salted caramel


Perfect Pear - lightly spiced pear cupcake topped with a sauvignon blanc buttercream and drizzled with a spiced pear glaze

Sunday: August 13 and 20

Maple Pecan - maple cupcake studded with toasted pecans topped with a creamy maple buttercream and a candied pecan on top


Chocolate Bourbon Pecan - chocolate pecan cupcake topped with bourbon buttercream and drizzled with a brown sugar bourbon glaze


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