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happy january!

Happy January!

Its HAPPY NEW YEAR already! We had a fantastic 2019, and we're really looking forward to an even better 2020. A BIG thank you to all of our customers, brides, fans, followers, and Happy Bakeshop enthusiast who helped us through a move late last year! It really does make us happy to know that we've made sweet treats for so many special days. Thank you!

And, if you haven’t heard, we MOVED! Still in the same neighborhood, just up the street at 3621 W. 32nd. If you haven't seen the new place, please do come and see it. We've been in our new spot since mid-October, so if you haven't come by, its time. Lots of great changes and still the same yummy cupcakes, cakes, cookies, macarons, bars, and brownies!

The Feed

We were also featured on 9News in December on The Feed with Kylie Bearse. We had a great time making cupcakes and showing them around the shop. If you missed it, you can see it here, or it's on our website, too. Thanks to Kylie and 9News for stopping by!

Speaking of YUMMY!

We have lots of fun stuff to celebrate so mark your calendars for these days below:

1/22: Blonde Brownie Day. If you come by the shop, pick up a blonde or regular brownie for just a $1 while supplies last. The perfect way to get over the mid-week slump!

1/23: Pie Day. Place your order for pie, and you'll get ½ off! You can pick up your pie on a later date, just make sure to place your order on 1/23. Also, we'll have a few fresh pies on hand in the shop if you can't wait. Take half off of those, too.

1/24: Peanut Butter Day. We’ll have special pb& j cupcakes and peanut butter cup cupcakes and peanut butter cookies that day while supplies last, so stop in and get your peanut butter fix!

Seasonal Menu Change is Coming Soon!

February will bring a change to the menu! Look for a new seasonal menu on 2/4, and we'll be celebrating with Happy Hour ALL WEEK (from 4pm to close, 2pm to close on Sunday) featuring $2 cupcakes. This should make it easy for you to test out the seasonal flavors and find your favorite!

Tuesday - first available on 2/4

· Cookies & Cream

· Peanut Butter Cup

· Neapolitan

· *GF Red Velvet

· *Vegan Vanilla

· *GF/VEGAN Banana

Wednesday - first available on 2/5

· Maple Bacon

· Caramel Macchiato

· Nutella French Toast

· *GF Chocolate

· *Vegan Carrot

· *GF/VEGAN Vanilla

Thursday - first available on 2/6

· Boston Cream Pie

· Coffee & Donuts

· Café Mocha

· *GF Raspberry Passion Fruit

· *Vegan Snickerdoodle

· *GF/VEGAN Chocolate

Friday - first available on 2/7

· Cherry Cola

· German Chocolate

· Jack & Coke

· Raspberry S’mores

· *GF Black & White

· *Vegan Chocolate

· *GF/VEGAN Snickerdoodle

Saturday - first available on 2/8

· Dirt Cake

· Raspberry Passion Fruit

· Caramel Caliente

· Banana Nutella

· Peppermint Patty

· Turtle

· *GF Vanilla on Vanilla

· *Vegan Mexican Chocolate

· *GF/VEGAN Black & White

Sunday - first available on 2/9

· Mexican Chocolate

· Coffee & Donuts

· *GF Snickerdoodle

· *Vegan Red Velvet

· *GF/VEGAN Carrot

That’s all for now, stay happy!

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