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Happy July!

We have officially launched into summer, and it's hot all over, not just in the bakery. Yes, we have fun stuff to tell you about this month, but we're also in touch with the laid-back summer vibe that July brings. So, if you're in the Highlands, please do stop in, say hi and grab a treat!

Secret Word Wednesday

To cure everyone’s mid-week boredom, we’re spicing things up with FREE CUPCAKES! You read that right. We’ll post the secret word on Wednesday morning. Then, when you make a purchase at the bakery, say the secret word, and get a free cupcake! That should get you through 'hump day!' So, keep an eye on our stories for the secret word!

More Gluten-Free and Vegan Coming!

Yes, we are trying out some new Gluten-Free, Vegan and Gluten-Free/Vegan items in the bakery. So far, we’ve had success with the Vegan Apple Peach Bars and the Gluten-Free Lemon Bread. Next up is the Gluten-Free-Vegan Strawberry Bread. Look for those next time you’re in the bakery. Or call ahead or place a special order. They are super delicious, and they tend to get snatched up pretty quick!

4th of July

We will be closed on the 4th of July, but you can still grab some patriotic treats on Saturday the 3rd. And, of course, if you need something special for your celebration, please do give us a call, and we'd be thrilled to make something red, white, and blue for you!

Riverfront Park Events

Look for us on the bridge at the Summer Sessions by Riverfront Park Events! Events are August 19, and September 16. Mark your calendar, and don't miss the music, food, unique local vendors, and tons of fun. This is a great way to get outside and ENJOY this beautiful Colorado summer!

Delivery, Please

We are still offering local delivery inside our “neighborhood.” When you place your order, please ask about our local delivery. Our “local” area will be from 32nd Ave to I-70 and from 95 (Sheridan) to 287 (Federal). We do require some advance notice on deliveries. Please make sure to ask when you place your order.

Reminders Highlands Farmer’s Market: The Highlands Farmer's Market is in full swing on Sundays. This means that parking in the area could be limited. You should check it out, it’s pretty cool!

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Unknown member
Jul 06, 2021

Is Highlands Ranch in your local area?

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