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Happy March!

We love our new home in the Highlands! If you haven't seen the new space, please do come and see us! Springtime is uniquely beautiful as the trees and flowers bloom, and folks are out and about more with the warmer weather. And while March can be snowy here in Colorado, but we just can't help but feel like spring is in the air. And we are looking forward to sunshine, warm weather and all the fun stuff that comes with spring!

Wedding Season

Wedding season is just around the corner. We think about weddings a lot. We love a wedding, and we just adore wedding cakes. Last year, we posted some great advice about finding the right wedding cake – or cupcakes, or French macarons. Read all about that here. You can also get in touch with our Wedding and Events team here. We’d love to talk to you about your wedding and making a special dessert for your big day.


It’s Cookie Season!

We’ll be paying tribute to our favorite Girl Scout Cookies flavors all month long! Look for Tagalong-flavored cupcakes on Fridays and Thin Mint-flavored cupcakes on Saturdays.


Pi Day is March 14th

We can’t let 3.14 pass without recognizing one of our favorites treats. March 14th is Pi day. Come and see us and grab a pie and the other favorite – pie cookies.


St. Patrick’s Day

We're going all out for St. Patty's Day. Look for green macarons, festive cut sugar cookies, and grasshopper brownies. We'll start celebrating early, so look for these around the 15th. Come by and try Green Velvet cupcakes, Lucky Charms Pom-Poms,* Chocolate Stout cupcakes,**, and Irish Car Bomb cupcakes.*** We can't wait!


Spring, Finally!

And, of course, as we officially welcome spring on the 20th, we'll have some cut sugar cookies to celebrate, too.

*Lucky Charms Pom-Pom: chocolate cupcake, with a vanilla topping, dipped all around in Lucky Charms),

**Chocolate Stout Cupcakes: chocolate stout cupcake, with stout buttercream, dipped in chocolate jimmies

***Irish Car Bomb cupcakes: chocolate stout cupcake, car bomb buttercream, shamrock sprinkles


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