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Is Summer Here Yet?

And just like that summer is on its way. And by “just like that” we mean about 1.5 snow days and some unseasonably cool days this spring. We think that the warm summer weather is finally on its way. And that means party season, warm weather, weddings, picnics and tons of reasons to celebrate.

Reason number one to celebrate is our new summer flavors. We change our flavors four times a year and summer always seems to be the most fun. Look for some favorites and even a new flavor or two. Summer cupcake flavors will make their official debut on Monday June 3rd. Flavors are listed below, and you can also click here to and check it out.

Warmer weather also reminds us we need to take care of our cakes and cupcakes. Hot cars remain the enemy of our sweet precious bundles. Look for a reminder on the inside of your cupcake box:

To keep your treats happy:

- For Cupcakes, bars and cookies: not too hot and not to cold (no fridge and no hot cars). Just wrap in plastic and store at room temperature

- For cakes, they are happiest a little cooler. Store in the fridge, no need to wrap

Summer gets busy in our happy little shop, so we offer some advice for your special orders:

- Order as far in advance as you can. As soon as you know what you want and when you want it, let’s get it on the calendar.

- We are unable to confirm your order until we have payment. We hope you can understand. As we are a small baking-by-hand kinda shop, we need to operate this way. If you order online, expect a follow up phone call within 24 hours to complete your order.

- If you have any questions about anything at all, please let us know. Drop us a note, give us a call or best of all…come see us!

We are so happy to have so many people come to us for custom cakes, cupcakes, pies and cookies. We love being a part of your celebrations and we are looking forward to a great summer!

Summer Flavors: Starting June 3rd


• Café Mocha | Divine Lemon | Maple Bacon

• Gluten Free: Chocolate

• Vegan: Red Velvet

• Gluten Free / Vegan: Carrot

$2 Tuesday:

• S’mores | Peanut Butter Cup | Raspberry Lemonade

• Gluten Free: Black & White

• Vegan: Vanilla

• Gluten Free / Vegan: Chocolate


• Banana Split | Lemon Coconut | French Toast

• Gluten Free: Red Velvet

• Vegan Carrot

• Gluten Free / Vegan: Lemon


• Cherry Limeade | Rocky Road | Peanut Butter & Jelly

• Gluten: Free Carrot

• Vegan: Lemon

• Gluten Free / Vegan: Black & White


• Cherry Cola | Strawberry Lemonade | Peach Cobbler | Drumstick

• Gluten Free: Raspberry Passion Fruit

• Gluten Free / Vegan: Red Velvet


• Root beer Float | Dirt Cake | Divine Lemon | Raspberry Passion Fruit | Banoffee | Mexican Chocolate

• Gluten Free: Lemon

• Vegan: Snickerdoodle

• Gluten Free / Vegan: Chocolate

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