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Let's Talk Diet...No, Not That Kind of Diet

The kind of diet that includes options for those that don’t eat meat, wheat, dairy or whatever. And then let’s talk about you and what makes it special for you.

Happy Bakeshop is proud to offer diversity in all kinds of cupcakes, not just flavors. We celebrate our fans and we always want to make it great, special diet or not. We do think everyone deserves a little sugar and, in our attempt, to offer as many options as possible we want to be honest about what happens in our kitchen.

Vegan and Dairy Free

We know these are not the same, but for the purposes of our bakery, they are. Since we don’t bake with much meat here it is one less thing we have to worry about. When we bake V/DF, we are mindful of eliminating all animal/dairy products - no eggs, no dairy milk, etc. We use a soy alternative to milk.

Two things about these options: we take additional steps to avoid ANY cross contamination with any equipment that encountered any animal products. Our vegan creations are carefully created with this top of mind. Second, there have been a few times that we were not able to create something and make it absolutely yummy. So, we must decline. We would rather say ‘no’ than offer something that is not 100% and 100% delicious.

Also, dear vegans and dear dairy-free cupcake lovers, we want to be absolutely clear that we are NOT an exclusive vegan nor an exclusively dairy-free bakery. Think of us as vegan and dairy-free friendly. We are thrilled to offer these options to our guests and make them just as yummy as any cupcake that has ever been baked.

Gluten free

This Forbes article noted that over 3 million Americans are Gluten Free. That’s a lot. And it seems that we are seeing better and better gluten-free options for everything. Happily, we did our homework, investigated, tried, tested and found the very best options to make it as yummy as possible and still edible for those who are gluten sensitive. Once again, we want to remind our loyal fans that our shop is gluten-friendly and not entirely gluten-free. We do bake most of our items with traditional flour. We take special steps with our facility and equipment to limit cross contamination, but this is not an exclusively gluten free shop. You know best what you can and can’t eat. Please let us know the extent of your restrictions and we can talk it over.

We offer many special diet options every day. Check out our daily flavors page here and see what is available today. And if you’re ordering for a special occasion make sure to let us know and we’ll make it great. Stop by the shop and check out today’s flavors.

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