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Shout out to our Neighborhood - The Highlands

We are so lucky to be in one of the best neighborhoods in Denver. And we want to take a few minutes and give a proper shout out to The Highlands.

The Highlands has been our home since we were born, and we are not leaving any time soon. We love it here. Great location, great people and great neighbors. So, what makes it so great around here? Glad you asked, we’d love to tell you.


The Highlands was founded one short month after the city of Denver itself, making it one of the oldest neighborhoods around. Did you know that Denver flooded? Yep, in 1864 there was a flood that devastated parts of Denver and many people relocated their families up to the Highlands. Great ‘hood and flood safe, too! And, at just over 250 acres, Highlands is one of Denver’s biggest neighborhoods, too.

Visit Highlands

There is so much fun stuff to do and see in our cozy little ‘hood that it even has its very own website. Click here to see all that our neighborhood has to offer – shopping, eating, events, and more. You can see why we love it here. In addition to all that great stuff, there are fun events going on all the time. Highlands does love to celebrate! Make sure you don’t miss the Taste of Highlands in late summer. Its one of our favorites!


The very best part of the Highlands is the feeling we get from our friends and neighbors. It’s such a great community and the people that live and work here are all part of the Highlands magic.We can’t pick favorites since all our neighbors are amazing. But we can recommend that you stop by these fine places:

Mondo Vino

Highlands Cork and Coffee

Pizzeria Locale

Meade St. Station

Westside Books

El Camino

Why are we telling you all of this? We want you to come visit! Come see all the Highlands has to offer. And make sure stop in and see us too! We’ve got plenty of treats in store to satisfy that sweet tooth. Don’t forget about $2 Tuesday, where you can enjoy the treats for a little less in the middle of the week.

See you soon!

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