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Spring has Sprung

It’s been a long and cold winter here in the Mile High City but with Easter behind us was can safely start to enjoy the springtime! Spring in Denver is our absolute most favorite season. Except for summer...and fall...and winter. You get the idea. And while we do love all seasons around here we do think springtime is especially magical. We love it so much that we’ve decided to dedicate and entire blog to all the reasons we just adore springtime in Denver.

Come out come out where ever you are!

Once the temp starts to climb and the snow is (pretty much) in our rear view, we start to see everyone emerge from their winter hiding spot. No longer hunkered down on the couch people are out and about. Folks are getting outside and staying outside, and we start to see bikes and strollers fill the sidewalks. Off with the puffy coats and on with the cool tee shirts and flip flops (pssst: we know where you can get some cool tee shirts!). Bonus: it’s usually not hot enough to hear complaints yet, so this really is a perfect time of year!

Everything starts to open back up

It’s not just the flowers that start to open and bloom. All kinds of fun outdoor spaces start to open back up. Think patios, rooftops, parks and trails. Now is the time to start scoping out your spring/summer hang outs. And, drag out your camping gear and get your bike tuned up. All these great green spaces that have been in hibernation mode since Halloween are now coming back. It’s like the size of the city doubles when everything opens in the spring. Now is the time to get your bike tuned and haul out your camping gear that have had stowed all winter.

See a Show!

The Denver area is also home to so many great outdoor concert venues. And even more if you care to step out of downtown, think Red Rocks, Hudson Gardens and Fiddlers Green. Right about now is when these landmarks start to announce their lineups for the summer. You need to jump on that if you want to see outdoor shows this summer. The anticipation is almost as good as the show itself!

Farmers Market and Festivals

Once the weather cooperates it’s time to get out and enjoy some Denver festivals and markets. Denver is home to fresh markets from the Highlands Square Farmer’s Market to Cherry Creek and beyond. It really is the very best way to get your hands on the freshest fruits, veggies and blooms. Shopping local at your nearest Farmer’s Market is a great way to get fresh foods and support your local small businesses, too.

Springtime brings lots of festivals our way too, keep an eye our for the Chalk Arts Festival and the Highlands Street Fair just to name a few.

Stay tuned, we’re working on some special stuff for Spring, too! We hope you’re getting out and enjoying this spring as much as we are!

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