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Wedding Cake Season is Almost Here!

Happy Bakeshop, we’ve been making wedding cakes for over a decade and this wedding season, we were inspired to do a little research on the history of wedding cakes. What we found dated all the way back to the middle of the 16th century! In Ancient Rome, the cake was broken over the bride’s head for good luck. Some other traditions, like in Medieval England, include making the cake as tall as possible and if the couple can still kiss over it, they will have a long and happy life. Fast forward to today, many couples are opting for a simple and petite cutting cake while choosing to create a dynamic dessert table. With something to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth!

Where do I start?

It’s overwhelming… inspiration photos, things you’ve seen at other weddings, input from your friends and family, etc. Start by focusing on what you and your fiancé actually want and you’ll be halfway there! Once you agree, you’re well prepared to start sampling sweets. If you’re conflicted, talk it through. Yes, you really should both agree on what your wedding desserts should be. Even though the wedding planning process can seem daunting, making decisions and spending time together throughout that journey is what is most important. You’ll be so happy you did.

Talk about it with a Pro

Call a few of your favorite bakeries, make some appointments, and talk to their staff. Ordering your wedding cake should be more than a transaction. It should be a conversation, not just someone writing down your order. Talk to their wedding consultant or baker about what you want. They will know what’s possible and can help guide your vision to make it a reality.

Be Realistic

If you’re having an outdoor, destination wedding in the middle of August, the “perfect” seven-tier cake with heavy fondant or buttercream is probably not going to make it through the day. When you’re looking through photos online and in traditional wedding magazines, you should know there’s often some behind the scenes magic happening during those photo shoots. Take some time to discuss your ideas with a professional in advance. The last thing any bakery wants to do is disappoint a bride and groom on their wedding day.

Think Outside the Cake

More and more we see couples opting for cupcakes, cookies, pies and options outside of traditional cake. Have what you want, its your day. If you want cookies, get the cookies. And if you want it all, get it all.

Taste it

While it is unlikely any baker will be able to create your entire wedding order for you to taste, you should be able to procure some delish samples. This is the fun part of planning a wedding – tasting desserts. When our couples are picking out their samples at Happy Bakeshop we encourage them to try a little bit of everything and to keep in mind the possibilities are endless. Just have fun and enjoy the treats!

Get the Details

Once you have the design and flavor details of your cake and desserts, make sure you know how everything is getting to you. Don’t assume anything. Ask who is delivering, how it is transported, and when it will arrive. And while you’re at it, make sure they have the venue name and contact info. Ask your venue, wedding planner or caterer who is cutting and serving the cake, too. This is stuff you don’t want to try to figure out on your wedding day.


Take a few minutes to enjoy your desserts on your big day. It all goes by so fast, you’ll be glad you took those sweet moments for yourselves!

We are proud to make wedding desserts for everyone. We love weddings! And we would be thrilled to help you pick out your perfect wedding cake (or cookies, or cupcakes). Stop by Happy Bakeshop and let’s talk about what we can create just for you!


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