Our Peeps

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Our Story

Back in 2006 Laura and Sara were running partners, up at the crack of dawn, swapping ideas for a dream business and the cupcake bakery was the clear winner – fun, delicious, and creative. Keeping it on the down low, they were off on their new path! Meanwhile, across town, Lisa was hard at work on her MBA, crafting a business plan for, you guessed it, a cupcake bakery.

Kismet brought Lisa and Sara together through their hair stylist…because you know everyone shares their secrets with their hair stylist! The perfect blend of creativity, business know-how, and passion has made this partnership a HAPPY union. Early morning runs will continue, as taste testing is a blessing, and a curse!

Jump ahead five years down the road, we’re rocking and rolling…no small thanks due to our manager Stacy. And she wanted a piece of the pie (yes, we make pies too)! It just felt like the right next step, she’s now officially one of us – a HAPPY foursome.

Why “Happy Cakes?” Sara’s two-year old son Alden was (and still is) a huge fan of cake. Every time Alden saw a birthday cake he would call them “Happy Cakes!”. It was perfect. Who doesn’t want to be happy? And who isn’t happy when they’re eating cake? Exactly. So we were Happy Cakes for eight amazing years. But now we are baking tons of other amazing goodies, and don’t want them to feel unappreciated.


Our name has evolved and now we are Happy Bakeshop…all the same amazing cupcakes (plus cakes, pies, cookies, French macarons, bars, and more!), with a bigger better name!

We look forward to seeing your happy faces at the shop soon, and often!
…because everyone deserves a little sugar!